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On October 15th 2017, MissionCoin will be offering 25,000 M Infinity tokens to the public in celebration of the company’s launch. Here at MissionCoin, we are driven by a single goal; to make the world a more generous place. Will you join us?


Dear Reader,

If you want to capitalize on the Bitcoin Boom while having a life changing experience – this opportunity is for you.

MissionCoin, the first digital currency backed by real businesses and created by good deeds, is uniquely positioned to succeed in the marketplace. This letter is an opportunity to get involved and support this mission by becoming a holder of the M Infinity token. With your support, we can accomplish this goal together.

This has been an extremely profitable year for digital currency. If you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum at the beginning of the year you would have had 900% or 3500% gains. Although many digital currencies have million and billion dollar market caps, very few are accepted at real businesses. From day one, MissionCoin will be accepted at 25 businesses in the Los Angeles area with more being added every week.  We have real value for goods and services which gives our currency a physical value that other digital currencies are missing. The larger the business network becomes, the more valuable MissionCoin will become.

To celebrate our launch and reward early supporters, we are offering a limited supply of 25,000 M Infinity tokens. They are called M “Infinity” because once activated, they will have access to our ever growing business network forever. Future distributions will have time limitations; for example, “M30” for 1 month or “M7” for one week.

Another special quality of the M Infinity tokens will be the ability to be resold after activation. Future distributions will either be held as an investment or used as a consumable. The business network accepting MissionCoin is our key advantage. Whereas Bitcoin took a year to get exchanged for two Domino’s pizzas, we will be accepted at 25 businesses from launch and are making this offering for only $1 per M Infinity token. The value with the initial businesses (alone) for real goods and services will be well over $100 from launch.

MissionCoin, LLC is going through the process of becoming a Certified Benefit Corporation. This means that our primary purpose is not profit – but social benefit. With Bitcoin it takes computing power to “mine a bitcoin”. With MissionCoin it takes good deeds. To receive your MissionCoin you must donate or volunteer to a non-profit 501(C)(3) of your choice. Donating $1 per token or volunteering one hour for every 15 tokens ensures that as we grow, so does our social impact. While we are offering you a potentially profitable opportunity, it is impossible to benefit from MissionCoin without giving to charity.

This will be the only class of MissionCoin ever issued that will be accepted at our business network for life, and resellable after using. We will be utilizing blockchain technology to ensure M Infinity supporters that, once the 25,000 M Infinity tokens are issued, no more will be produced. This is not only a chance to make a meaningful investment, but also an opportunity to reconnect with a worthy charity or discover a new one. We strongly encourage you to discuss the specifics of this offer with one of our founding members soon!

Thanks for reading,
The MissionCoin Team

Next Steps

Thank you for taking the time to read about our M Infinity opportunity. If you would like to continue the process, please follow these next steps:

Go to paypal.me/supportMissionCoin and contribute what you can. Everything helps and we would be happy to have you aboard.

Send in a receipt of your charitable donation or statement of hours volunteered to info@missionco.in.

You will receive a receipt of your token and enrolled in our community. Starting in Q1 of 2018, your tokens will be uploaded to a M Wallet for use/resale.


What is MissionCoin?

MissionCoin is a digital currency that rewards charitable actions.

What is MissionCoin’s Vision?

Our vision for humanity is to donate 1% more of our time and money by 2020 & create an unstoppable force for good in the process.

What is MissionCoin’s Mission?

Our mission is to create a charitable currency based on intrinsic wealth, not limited by scarcity, and backed with actions that are undeniably good.

Is MissionCoin a Non-Profit or a Business?

We are in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation i.e. a business with the primary objective of having a social impact. After careful consideration, we believe our model will have more impact with this structure. Find more information about benefit corporations here at benefitcorp.net.

How do I get one of the M Infinity Founder tokens?

1. Support our launch with a voluntary donation of $10
2. Make a contribution of $10 to a charity of your choice

Who is MissionCoin?

Based in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Toronto, the founding team is made up of five passionate people with varying skillsets and one common denominator; that we want to create a company that has an impact on charitable giving globally.

What are M Infinity tokens?

To celebrate our launch we are creating 25,000 M Infinity tokens that can be obtained with a contribution of only $1 per token. They are special because they have the quality of accessing our businesses network with no expiration. Future issues will have time limitations once activated of a day, week, month or year but the M Infinity tokens will have no time limitations and can be resold and reused.

How do I know there will only be 25,000 M infinity tokens ever issued?

Utilizing blockchain technology, the rules we dictate before our launch will be uploaded and hard-wired to the MissionCoin economy after launch; essentially, making it impossible for new M Infinity tokens to be issued.

How will future tokens be issued?

Creating a sustainable market for MissionCoin is the only way we will accomplish our goal of having a global impact on charitable giving. To help with this we will be creating a committee of different interest groups to vote and approve new distributions of MissionCoin tokens. The committee will consist of representatives from all sectors of the MissionCoin economy, including charity reps, reputable business owners, M Infinity holders and the general community. Having a balanced committee will help ensure the integrity and the sustainability of the MissionCoin economy.

When can I use my M Infinity token at businesses?

We will have a beta version of the MissionCoin Wallet available in Q1 of 2018. As we upgrade the wallet, your value will be transferred and follow the development.

How do I use M Infinity token at a business?

The redemption process is extremely simple. Your MissionCoin wallet will show you a list of businesses accepting MissionCoin and you will simply search for a business you would like to use your token at, hit the redemption button and a time sensitive screen will become available giving you 30 minutes to show the business representative. They will then apply the MissionCoin payment and provide you with the good or service.

How many businesses accept the M Infinity token?

The business network will always be growing but we are guaranteeing that the M Infinity token will be accepted at a minimum of 25 businesses when the M Wallet 0.1 is launched in Q1 of 2018. We are offering a full refund if we do not have the minimum of 25 businesses backing the M Infinity token.

Why would a business accept MissionCoin?

We have a merchant friendly approach that integrates with a businesses current P.O.S System and is based on results not upfront costs. We also allow a business to meaningfully connect with their customers by rewarding them for donating to the charity they care most about.

How do I receive my token once I make a charitable contribution?

We are developing a charity verification system into the M Wallet, but for the M Infinity token we will be manually verifying your charitable contribution. Simply email your receipt of donation or volunteered hours to info@missionco.in, and we will verify and send you an acceptance notification via email.

Can I choose any charity I want?

You can choose any registered 501(c)(3) organization as long as it is not a hate group or otherwise offensive cause. We reserve the right to not verify any charity we deem not fit to meet the minimum standards of a worthy cause.

What will my return on investment be?

We make no guarantees of any return on investment. The intent behind the M Infinity tokens is to support the launch of MissionCoin and motivate people to do good.

What could my return on investment be and where did the logic come from?

The following commentary is purely speculative and our goal as an organization is charitable impact. With that said, we have reasonably assumed that supporting the M Infinity offering could be both intrinsically and financially profitable for the individual supporting us.

We have three main market metrics to point to: The digital currency market as a whole, the number of businesses supporting the M Infinity token, and the total $$ amount the M Infinity token is accepted for. If you look at the industry as a whole, the top two currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, went up 900% and 3,500% percent, with small alt-coins going up as much as 10,000% in 2017. Since we have an actual $$ value that MissionCoin can be used for, it’s fair to use that as a metric as well. At launch we will be in 25 businesses with over $100 of fiat currency being accepted for MissionCoin at any given time. Objectively, the offering at $1 is undervalued, because after using the M Infinity token at one business you have already made money and still can resell the token.

By the end of 2018 we plan to be in at least 500 businesses and be accepted for $10,000 of fiat currency at any given time. If we meet these goals we would like to see the M Infinity tokens with a fair market value of at least $10 (conservatively) by the end of 2018. Ultimately, with a nationwide business network, we one day would like to see the M Infinity tokens valued well over $100; maybe even eclipsing $1,000 someday. Bitcoin, for example, is currently at $4,300 and it took them a year to get accepted for two Domino’s pizzas. MissionCoin, on the other hand, will be accepted at 25 businesses,  and counting, from launch.

Is there a minimum amount of tokens that can be purchased?

The minimum amount of M Infinity tokens that can be purchased is 10 tokens for $10. We are recommending a support level of $50-100. This will aide us with our launch and potentially get the best results for your support.

What if I change my mind and want to return my M Infinity tokens?

The contribution you make will be held for 30 days and at anytime you can get a full refund with no questions asked. After 30 days your contribution will be used to support the launch of MissionCoin and no refund will be issued without extenuating circumstances, subject to review.

How many M Infinity tokens can be purchased?

Because we are asking for support and not purely selling an investment, we have strict guidelines on how many M Infinity tokens can be purchased by one person. Any request of over 100 tokens has to go through an approval process to ensure that you thoroughly understand the nature of your contribution.

Why should I get involved?

If you believe in our mission to raise charitable giving across the board or have a desire to “pay it forward” through volunteering –  this is for you. Startups and new digital currencies are completely speculative and you need to view any contribution you make as supporting our vision and not as an investment. For example, if you got 10 M Infinity tokens, the worst case scenario is you spent $10 on the M Infinity tokens, gave $10 to a charity of your choice & supported a mission you believed in. We are only offering M Infinity tokens to people that are on board with this sentiment.

What would happen if I had $100 to support the launch?

If you wanted to support MissionCoin with $100, you would get 50 M Infinity tokens and make a $50 charitable donation to a cause of your choice. As long as you held on to at least one M Infinity token, you would have access to our business network forever. You then could use the other 49 M Infinity tokens as an investment or sell part or all of them as the value rises. If the value of the M Infinity token goes to $25, for example, you would make $1,225 and still have one token left which you could use for $100’s of value every year.

Prefer a PDF?

A PDF of the M Infinity Opportunity is available at the button below for easier printing and sharing.

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